Vision Pages

Our vision pages are designed to help you think and pray through what God wants in each area of your life and set Specific-Attainable-Measurable (S-A-M) goals that help you become the person God is calling you to be.

Goal Overview

It's always helpful to think through your goals and break them down into which ones are daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, etc. This page is where you can write them all down as well as any notes or diagrams you want to include. Doing this helps you develop a "Rule of Life."

6 Month Calendar

The daily pages only span 3 months, but we do include a six month calendar that isn't predated, so you can start it at anytime and just fill in the month and days.

Weekly Schedule

The weekly schedule page is a single page at the beginning of the planner to help you get an idea of what your typical week will look like. It is a really valuable tool to help you see how much time you have each week and how to best use it.

Weekly Preview

The Weekly Preview page starts every week. This is a place to look at your upcoming week and write down all your appointments for the week, as well as your to-dos, daily goals, and any notes.

Daily Pages

Every day has a double page spread and on each day is a place to write the memory verse you are working on, daily gratitude, prayers, and notes from your Bible study time.

Weekly Review

At the end of each week are some key questions to help you reflect on how you are doing in specific areas of your life. These are great for self-reflection, but even better to discuss in a discipleship group or with an accountability partner.

Additional Resources

The planner also features:

  • Lay flat binding
  • Budget worksheets
  • Expense Tracker worksheet
  • Bible Reading tracker
  • Prayer Requests pages
  • 60+ pages dedicated for note taking

The Discipleship Planner

The Discipleship Planner is a 7.5" x 10" three month productivity planner for Christians designed to help you stay on track in your daily relationship with God and your daily schedule and tasks.  It also has "Vision Pages" to help you develop a God given vision statement for your life and set God given goals for each area of your life, including your relationship with God, your relationships with family and friends, your serving and giving, and your health.  There are daily spaces for your prayers and study notes, as well as a memory verse and something you are thankful for.  Start each week with a "Weekly Preview"  looking at your whole week while making your to do list, tracking goals, and taking notes.  End each week with a "Weekly Review" where you can think through some key questions while you journal and reflect how you are doing in different areas.  And if that wasn't enough amazing features, there is also a budget worksheet and a Bible reading tracker in the back of the planer to go along with extra pages for notes, memory verses and prayer requests.

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Why is it a quarterly planner?

Quarterly planners have more details for each day and serves as a valuable tool for organizing, prioritizing, and planning activities and goals over a three-month period, that most yearly planners do not incorporate.

Is there a bulk pricing discount?

We do offer discounts on bulk orders of 25 or more. Please contact us at:

What is the return policy?

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