The Jolleys

Matt and Crystal serve as full time missionaries, with a heart for life-on-life discipleship as Jesus modeled for us and commanded to us. They have been married for 20 years and have six kids. Their lives were forever changed by life on life discipleship in their late college and young adult years. They've been involved in discipleship focused ministry for the past 20 years, starting in St. Petersburg, Florida where Matt served as the director of St. Petersburg K-Life and as a team champlain in the Tampa Bay Rays Organization from 2003-2009. The Lord led Matt and Crystal back to their home state of Mississippi and Matt's alma mater Mississippi State University in 2009 where they started a discipleship ministry on campus called Phase 2 and Matt served as team chaplain of the MSU baseball team. In 2018 the Lord led the Jolleys to the mountains of Western North Carolina where they have been turning their 20 acre farm into a place of "rest, renewal, and discipleship." They also serve in their local church, The Bridge Church Cullowhee, which meets next to the campus of Western North Carolina.

What Inspired The Discipleship Planner?

After 20 years of discipleship ministry, Crystal and I saw the need for a simple, practical tool that anyone of any age could use to help them stay consistent and grow daily in their relationship with the Lord. We both loved the aspect of connecting our relationship with the Lord with our daily schedule where we could prioritize our time with the Lord and other spiritual disciplines. We began discussing, designing and implementing different aspects of the planner in our own lives and ministry, printing off sheets and putting them in binders. We decided in 2022 to put it all together in one resource and got our first prototype printed in June 2023, made some edits and updates and ordered the first 500 in August 2023. It is our prayer that God will use this planner to help you grow in your faith and become conformed more and more each day to the image of Christ and that it will help facilitate discipleship relationships in homes, churches, and schools across the world.

What Is Discipleship?

Discipleship is the process of following and learning from Jesus Christ, while growing in a loving, abiding relationship with Him. It includes the goal of becoming more like Him in belief, action and character, transforming both our minds and hearts. It involves not only intellectual understanding but also a deep commitment to grow in living out the teachings and example of Jesus in everyday life through daily surrender to God through the strength and leading of the Holy Spirit.

Some of the key elements of discipleship are:

Following Jesus: At its core, discipleship involves a personal decision to follow Jesus Christ as the ultimate authority and example for life; our lifelong apprentice and friend. This entails a growing intimate, personal relationship with Him, while embracing His teachings, lifestyle, and mission.

Learning from Jesus: Discipleship encompasses the ongoing process of being with Jesus and learning from Jesus. This is done through "Spiritual Disciplines" or practices like reading, studying, memorizing and meditating on the Scriptures, prayer, gratitude, etc. This is best done in relationship with and guidance from more mature believers. It involves a commitment to spiritual growth and transformation.

Transformation of Character: Discipleship aims to shape the character and inner life of the believer to reflect the values and virtues exemplified by Jesus. This includes cultivating traits such as love, compassion, humility, integrity, and forgiveness.

Community and Relationship: While discipleship involves a personal journey of faith, it is also inherently communal. Discipleship flourishes within the context of relationships with other believers, where mutual encouragement, accountability, and support facilitate growth and maturity.

Mission and Service: A vital aspect of discipleship is engaging in the mission of Jesus by serving others, proclaiming the Gospel, and working for justice and reconciliation in the world. Disciples are called to be ambassadors of Christ's love and grace in their communities and beyond.

Reproducing Disciples: True discipleship involves not only personal growth but also a commitment to making disciples of others. This includes mentoring, teaching, and modeling the way of Jesus to new believers, thus perpetuating the cycle of discipleship.

Discipleship is a holistic and lifelong journey of faith characterized by a deepening relationship with Jesus, ongoing growth in knowledge and character, active participation in Christian community and mission, and a commitment to reproducing discipleship in others.